Friday, July 27, 2012

Headline... WLDY invaded by TOAD

Karen Ek was my guest on the radio version of Bringing Up Baby this morning. As usual, Bufo was curious about the proceedings. At first he tried a sip of Karen's coffee. 

Then he listened carefully to what Karen had to say about the Ladysmith Enrichment Fund. He was particularly interested in the Philanthropic Toad project with the artists of the Rusk Area Arts Alliance. It seems artists will be painting large three dimensional toads that will later be auctioned. The money from the toad auction will double with the generous gift from the Gulstad's, former owners of the paper mill in Ladysmith.

After his excitement over the Philanthropic Toad project he was pretty wired (perhaps it was the caffeine?) and thought he would try to take over the morning show from Bob Krejcarek, but he was not in good voice. Too much late night croaking, I would guess.

Suddenly he was picked and kissed!!!

Now who would kiss a toad? 

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