Thursday, July 26, 2012


We had a Sneak Peek at Toad House on the Saturday of Mardi-Gras.  Some of the events included a gallery show of Janelle Thompson's TOADS originals from the picture book, musical events all day, a dedication of the Stevenson Art Museum, treats to enjoy, and a preview of "Toadally Artsy Kids' Events" with a fingerpainting activity.

The Toad and I are very grateful for all the help we had,–– musicians, bakers, servers, artists.  Even Bufo deserves a pat on the head.

Here are a few of the photos from the day:

Bufo was a little shy at first, hiding in the flowers as Nancy and Karen prepared the lemonade.

We will have Toadally Artsy Kid's Events on most Saturdays. Andrea made the cute sign.

This is one serious ground artist!

Siblings get into the paints at the table while a cousin looks on.

These two siblings are new to our area. If you sign up for some of our Toadally Artsy Kids' Events you will meet them!

Andrea and Krista with their little ones doing more 'hands on the ground' art.

It looks like this dad could really get into art with his kids! Both children stayed with the project for a long time and created gorgeous fingerprint masterpieces.

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