Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Lovely Surprise and Bufo enjoys music in the park

Mme. Toad is sorry to not have a photo to commemorate the lovely surprise we had recently. Isabella, a little girl whose great-grandmother and great-great grandmother lived in the home that has become Toad House visited this home of her ancestors. We see the third story tower as an imaginative space for young children and in honor of the Schiotz and Ellingboe families we have named the third story after their descendent. We call it Isabella's Loft.

Bufo does have a few photos from this evening that he would like to share. Some from the RAAA potluck, yum! And some from Music in the park.

"Would you share?"
"Maybe no one will notice if I take a sip."
"Time to eat?"
One of the highlights in this evening's concert was the young band, The Canfield Connection. Four of our talented young musicians first met as toddlers in Laurie Canfield's child care program.  These four met the Leary brothers at the Bruce talent show and with the support of Mario Friedel have been developing their talents. Bufo told me that he hopes they will come and play at Toad House. 

The next photo shows the band in the background and the grandparents and great-aunt of the Leary brothers. However Bufo appears more impressed with the technology table.
"I do love this technology. Perhaps I will be allowed to croak a song."

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