Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2, 2011

Much is happening in the Toad House neighborhood. Bufo and I would like to update everyone on the events of the day, but before we do, we'd like to share a photo, taken a little over a year ago on September 17th about the time this blog was born. Do you recognize it?

This is in contrast to a recent photo--
Only the bones are the same, and even the bones have undergone change--hard to believe it is the same building.

On to the news of the day: First and foremost, the peaceful spirit who hath placed the magical rocks is now known to Mme Toad! You will have to ask Mme. Toad in person to learn who this may be.

Secondly, although we have said over and over again, "NO MORE ROCKS," it must be said more rocks are needed. Executive decisions have been made concerning the landscaping for the southwest side of the building. Should any kind Hobbits find a rock they have no use for, please place upon the slab of concrete near the tall cedar and Mme. Toad will find a good home for your wayward stone. (Hopefully before the snow flies.)

Now we come at last to the reason to post this post toaday. Toaday, the youngest tadpole of the two elder toads has become the proud new owner of the vacant land east of Toad House. Little Hobbits, jump for joy. There is now more landscaping to do.....

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