Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mentor to Mme.Toad

The two old toads have recently returned from visiting tadpoles out west. After catching up on various tasks at home and at Toad House they ventured forth to Badger Brew in Rice Lake for a lovely latte and coffee made by Heather Haller.

I met Heather during the Stone Lake Cranberry festival and have since taken a class in the science and art of making coffee. Heather has given us great advice as we wade through the unknown territory of coffee making and the various methods for making a great cup of coffee.  I consider her a great and friendly resource and so bestow upon her the honorary title of Mentor to Mme. Toad. If you happen to travel to Rice Lake, I hope you will stop at Badger Brew, across from MarketPlace and enjoy a very special coffee or tea.

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