Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mellow Yellow?

From Bufo as toad to Mme. Toad:
Toad-ay, as it was so dreary and toad outside, I thought I'd look for the sun. Where would I find warmth and the sun? 
Oh! Here comes the sun! Here comes the sun! It's all right now. I've just swallowed a a few Beatles. And here comes the sun!

This must be magical, the appearance of the sun.. and speaking of magic, I, Bufo-Americanus, have seen the magic stones. But who could have left them? Gnomes or hobbits? I am ruling out all suspects one by one. If you are asked, "did you place these beautiful, magical stones in the enchanted woods of Toad House? you must only tell the truth or the troll will seek retribution.

Mme Toad: Bufo is getting out of hand.

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