Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Little Hungry Visitor to Toad House

This morning we heard an unusual sound emanating from the front porch. A hungry little lamb was waiting for his bottle to warm up. Terry Dukerschein, from the Glen Tamarack Farm, had brought little Rambo, a purebred shetland baby to Toad House.  They were rendezvousing with another friend to obtain additional milk for the little guy. He was was the first born of a young mother ewe and in those vital minutes of bonding, his twin sister was born and the ewe may have been preoccupied. At any rate, Terry and her husband came to the rescue of the 2 1/2 pound baby, feeding it round the clock.

Rambo now looks quite well, though Terry says he is not out of the woods yet. He was named Rambo because if he were to survive, he needed a strong name! Terry and her husband raise the Shetland sheep for wool and they also milk them--but there is not enough milk to keep this little youngster going, thus the purchase of goat milk!

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