Friday, October 5, 2012

The Enriched Toads OR Do toads help put out fires

It was a cold and windy day, but the 4th graders in Mrs. Schueller's class braved the cold to pull two toads in a little red coaster wagon for the 2013 Ladysmith Homecoming parade.

Sorry to say that Mme. Toads's camera did not catch a photo the photo of the children pulling the wagon. :(  But here is a cute one of the children holding the banner.

The individually designed and painted toads are part of the enrichment find project. After going into hibernation, the toads will be out on the spring, looking for new homes and gardens.  However, the toads always want to have the last word and the last ride. Since there was only one wagon, these extra toads, not to be outdone by their friends, hopped aboard the two fire trucks that signified the end of the parade.

However fun it was to ride in the wagon and in the fire trucks, these very cold toads were happy to return to their nice warm Toad House.

If you have never seen the toads in person, be sure to come to Winter Magic at Toad House. The names  and stories of all twenty-some toads will be revealed along with their artist creators.

The twelve people who came closest to naming all the toads at Leaf it to the Toads will receive a gift of a musical toad. These 12 people are Hollis Helmeci, Terry Fredricks, Sherri Friedel, Jenny Zacharias, Leann Bach, Mark Leary, Rachel Gondek, Kate Kopka, Phoenix Leary, Carol Michaelson, Alannah Johnson, and Mary Leary. The twelve finalists advance to the Final Round!!!  Who will win the grand prize? 

No one toadally knows.

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