Monday, October 1, 2012

Great times at Leaf it to the Toads!

The toads had a great time with old and new friends during the fall celebration. The watercolors, gourds, cards, and prints by Andrea Korpinen were available for viewing and purchase in all the galleries. If you had your eye on a piece and have now come to a decision to purchase, please contact Andrea.  You may continue to see her work in the next few months at Toad House.

Thanks to Karen Ek and Karen Wiltrout the treat table with coffee and lemonade was always well stocked. Many enjoyed the treats (they are a preview of what is to come when the bakery is open.
The music was highlight for Mme. Toad. Here is a picture taken by Amanda Wilmont of Kim Rogers who was the first on the venue. 
We were blessed to have other talented musicians following Kim. The Friedel Family sang and played together and individually. Maria's duet with her mom is a very moving and inspiring piece. Sherri wrote the music for this a few years ago and as I write this, the melody is running through my head. Vincent's solo was toadally awesome. He has a beautiful voice and an amazing range and stage presence.

Sage and Phoenix Leary played on the porch following the Friedels. The toads are toadally taken with the talent in this family also!

Mme. Toad had the opportunity to sit still and listen to the 'Notables', a quartet made up of members of the Ladysmith Community Singers.  The audience learned a little musical history while being  wonderful entertained by the harmonious voices of Rhonda, Micheal, Kurt, and Dana.

Toadally Artsy activities were held out of doors, thanks to the cooperative weather. Here is a cute photo by Julia Galina of her son with the Philanthropic Toads. Emily and Kristina, two of the Philanthropic Toad artists helped everyone understand the Toad Naming Game. Mme. Toad is still checking over the almost 100 entries!! Winners can come to Winter Magic at Toad House to claim their prizes! However, everyone who played the game also won a Toad House Bakery Dessert (now, you just have to hold onto that ticket while the Toads get their bakery up and running.

Here is a photo of Andrea's father, Brian, carving one of the beautiful pumpkins. The finished two pumpkin carvings are stationed at the main entrance to Toad House on Lake Avenue. Thank you Brian for sharing your talent! What fun it was to watch the faces emerge!

Ruth Meszaros kept the paints flowing for the Young@Art as they found a pumpkin in the woods and then came back to the tables to paint. Here you can get some sense of how engaging art is for all ages.

Thank-you to everyone!
We hope you had fun and will join us again!

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