Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poet Laureate event Thursday 6:30 at Carnegie Hall

As you know, Toad House continues to be in an unfinished state, plenty good for an unassuming Bufo, but sadly not yet available as a venue for the upcoming events. To help their friend, Mme. Toad, Pat and Marty Reynolds have graciously offered to host the open mic Poet Laureate event at Carnegie Hall on Thursday, September 22, at 6:30. For an hour, area poets will share their work with Bruce Dethlefson, Wisconsin's current Poet Laureate and the audience. Coffee, lemonade, and delicious treats to follow. We hope you are able to come!


  1. Thank you--will try to come.

  2. I'm planning on it! Sounds like an interesting evening, even though I'm not a poet.
    Nancy W.

  3. Great event! Thanks for coming up to Ladysmith!