Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Toad Pond in the Spring

The photograph was taken on April 5, 2011. In the foreground you see the Toad Pond  and to the south, you can see the progress on Toad House with the various additions and roof lines. You can just make out the back door that allows food to be carried from the kitchen to the back patio. In the center of the picture is where Phyllis tells me the troll is hiding. You must touch the magic rock to protect you and all the little toads from the troll when entering this enchanted woods.

But the question is, "Where are the toads?"


  1. What a lovely springtime picture. I had no idea there was a pond back there. I need to come and wander and look for toads and trolls. Do you plan a "Blessing of the Toads" before the opening of Toad House? Might be a nice way to thank them for their watching over you.
    Can't wait for the opening.
    Happy Spring,

  2. I definitely think the toads need to be thanked for watching over us as we work. Terrific idea!

  3. The pond looks great in this photo! Can't wait for the opening of Toad House.