Thursday, January 13, 2011

Visions of Beauty

In keeping Master Toad's creative juices flowing, we will occasionally indulge in a breakfast at the Family Restaurant. If we sit at a booth next to the windows, we can see the Rapunzel Tower. While sipping our coffee we muse about toad house and the various parts of the project.

Now that the tower and new roof are up, we are thinking about the exterior look of the building. Here is the artist/architect rendition of what is seen in the mind's eye of the Master Toad. Of course, we never bring paper. The current drawing was done on a the waitress's order pad. Most of Master Toad's drawings have been on napkins.
Looking at Toad House from Highway 8 (Lake Avenue). The current vision is a stucco look with dark timbers. Red brick, to match the brick garage will ring the entire building when finished, below the lower windows. 

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