Sunday, September 5, 2010

Toads Journey, a poem by Jan Kurz

Progress continues though all on the inside in the upper apartment. New walls, new floor preparation, patching of holes.  We hope our foundation work can begin right after labor day.  So, no new pictures for facebook, but a poem written by Jan Kurz just before the publishing of TOADS.  It is more appropriate now than ever!!  Thank's Jan!

Toads Journey
                                    as told to Jan Kurz

While bouncing along the countryside
I spied a meal catch a ride.

Upon the downy milkweed seed
That beetle rode--I let her lead.

We wafted here and floated there
I followed near without a care.

When we would land, I had a hunch,
This crusty bug would be my lunch.

I thought she said, "Ahead's a Road House"
But, instead it was The Toad House.

Creative juice you will find here.
Maybe some berries or even a deer!

They welcome all toads and other fine guests
Here you can pause and take a nice rest.

I'm glad you lingered and savored this site.
I hope that your trip has been a delight.

Please come again and stay for a time.
  Relish these gifts, though it may cost a dime  

 Reading my stories brings great joy within.
 Together I know we're a team that can win.

Let's live life well.
Read, Grow, Learn


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