Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stevenson Art at Toad House and at ChaliceStream

This Sunday at 2:30 we will be treated to a wonderful presentation and discussion on the artwork of John Emil Stevenson (Steve) by his son, Larry Stevenson.

Larry and his mother Phyllis Stevenson have a huge collection of artwork in many different media and many different styles from Steve's life. Many of the pieces are being shown at Toad House in the part of the building called the "Stevenson Art Museum".

Steve lived from 1900 to 1995. When he was in his eighties, he began to lose his vision and as you may guess, for a visual artist, this was very depressing. Larry enrolled his dad in some art classes at Riverside College where Larry was teaching and this period in Steve's life was enriched by the opportunity to draw and paint from live models. He became a mentor more than a student to the younger artists. Many of the pieces he created are mere studies, but the movement one sees, created by his hand, and beauty in these studies is truly awe-inspiring.

ChaliceStream is offering an opportunity for us, to experience the work from this period in Steve's life-the beauty of the human form, nude studies,  in Steve's drawings and paintings. We hope you can come and have this experience with us.

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