Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Dedication of the New Little Free Library @ Toad House!

We had a wonderful time at the dedication of the Little Free Children’s Library at Toad House. Children and adults stocked the log building, built by Arian Knops with books for a variety of ages and it is ready for your child to explore and take a book home to enjoy or to sit on Toad’s porch and read. There are very few rules. Take a book, read, and if you or your child has a book to donate, please do!

 The New Little Free Library for Children at Toad House.
In the last few weeks of April this column focused on early literacy and books, using the analogy of a pyramid. As parents we need to build a sturdy base with a healthy start in life. We need to engage children in conversational turn taking and the building of brain connections for the language we speak and write. We need to read books and sing with our children to create the sense of rhyme, rhythm and beauty in language. What do you think is at the pinnacle of our pyramid? The language skill we call writing is at the very top.
When children have a firm pyramid in place, they can take what they have learned; they can take the vocabulary; they can use the rhyme and rhythm of language. They now can use their imagination and create their own stories. How proud we feel when we see our children achieving this outcome!
I watched as Janelle Thompson and Nancy Wheeler engaged children in the art of making books and writing. It was a joy to see one child create her very own toad book, all her own ideas and pictures. How wonderful is that!

This next Saturday, we hope you will come to Toad House to meet Kathy Sprague and create very edible art with cupcake decorating! See you there!

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  1. I love it. I wonder if a person could do a free library in their front yard? Do you have to get permission from the city?