Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Toadally Artsy Kids' Events

Here are some photos from our second children's class, "From a High Place".  We carefully climbed a ladder to drop strips of black paper onto white tag coated with glue. Those that stuck started the pattern we created with additional strips of black. When we had our desired pattern, we began painting the enclosed spaces with beautiful water colors. And after we painted the spaces we added a frame for a finishing touch. The end result was beautiful and most of us did more than one.

 We hope you can join us on August 25th for another Artsy event.  Check the calendar at the bottom of the blog for more information or

And join the Rusk Area Arts Alliance for a bratwurst at Gordy's this weekend. You will be amazed at the toads, coming out in full dress before they hibernate for the winter!

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