Saturday, June 23, 2012


The Enchanted Woods continues to enchant Mme. Toad. With the pond, flanked by numerous paths, the woods is just the right size for the hobbits, elven folk, gnomes, fairies, and toads that live under the leaves and rocks and in the trees.

The trolls have done little damage with their dastardly litter because the children who live nearby visit often and keep the troll on his best behavior––and of course, toads never litter.

The toads have exactly four weeks until the sneak peak at Toad House. Here is your invitation for the day.  It is the Saturday of Mardi Gras and along Main Street the arts and crafts festival will be taking place. We hope you take the time to visit and if you tire of walking, please come to Toad House. Sit a spell and enjoy the beautiful artwork by Janelle Thompson.

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