Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jealous? Not Bufo!

On Tuesday Meadow and Andrea came to visit Bufo. At least that was what Bufo was thinking. I think, he felt a little left out when Meadow ran up to her daddy. Her daddy is Chuck Rogers. He is helping out the Toad, working at Toad House, installing the flooring. He has the studio completely finished and is working on level two of the tower.

Bufo should not have been concerned about being ignored, because after we went for a walk in the woods, Meadow offered him a drink.

Hmmm, will she give him some?? You can tell he is interested.

"Yummy yummy", Bufo says. "Thank you, Meadow, for sharing with me."

I think Bufo and Meadow will be good friends.


  1. Such sweet moments in life..and Bufo and Meadow make it all worth it! Great picture sequence! So sweet!

    1. I love the photo's of Meadow with her mommy & daddy :) Oh bufo toooo

  2. Meadow's nana really likes these photos -- especially the one with her daddy!