Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bufo's Discovery

Monday morning Bufo went to town to see what was happening at the Toad House. He thought he would check on the flowers, look for some mosquitoes to eat, and make sure the troll hadn't left any trash. He found a large open trailer parked at Toad House, so being the curious toad that he is; he hopped right in.
Then he hopped around to the side and found something printed on the trailer, but being the near-sited toad that he is, he couldn't make out the words.
He thought he'd better go inside.
On the first floor he found some promising buckets of water--though no mosquito snacks were to be found in or around the buckets. A peculiar white chalky substance covered the paper that had been laid on the floor. In a quandary, Bufo hopped up to the second floor. No hints there, so up the ladder he climbed to Isabella's Loft.
Aha! Three new helpful friends, more of the white chalky stuff, but still no mosquitoes.

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