Saturday, February 25, 2012

yesterday and today

In case you didn't seen Jenny's comment about the signatures on the beams (1905!) here is a reprint: 

"I did a quick census search for Ladysmith, WI. The June, 1905 census lists a Harry Ballon, single, aged about 21. He was a lodger in the John and Emma Pederson household. (John Pederson was listed as a merchant.)
The second name looks like Bessie Manley to me - the same census lists a Bessie Manley, aged 21, single, day laborer. She was living with her parents, George and Lillian Manley. George Manley is listed as hotel keeper, and there are a lot of other names in that household."
So if any of you toad house followers dig up any more information, please share!

Now, on to today.  Kate Kopka, her sister and brother-in-law visited about a week ago and when they were touring the "Kopka Gallery" Kate signed the wood in that area.  We didn't have our camera but tried to take a picture with cell phones. I tried to get it to my computer to show you in the blog, but so far, no go. So until a kind-hearted toad friend tells me how to do it, I can only share the picture I took a day later, Kate's signature sans Kate.

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