Monday, October 10, 2011

The Magical Rocks of the Enchanted Woods

While walked through the Enchanted Woods on Sunday, my eye caught the sparkle of stones and rocks along the path. I do believe it is the work of the lovely creatures of the woods and not the troll. It is hard to say whether the elves, gnomes, hobbits, or faeries have place these stones.  The colors and transparencies remind me of the magic of the faeries or elves though I do not think their magic strong enough to heft the weight of these beautiful rocks. Hefting rocks is for toads. So perhaps it was the work of the gnomes or hobbits who are are more grounded, sturdy, and strong.

I thought I might take a picture of the magic rocks to share with you here, but I became fearful of what might become of the magic if I took a photo. Perhaps the magic rocks are only an illusion to be seen by believers and once photographed would disappear.

You are very welcome to visit the Enchanted Woods and see if you come upon the magic workings of the faeries, elves, gnomes, and hobbits.  If you do find one, take care that it is not disturbed, the toads wish to remain in the favor of the lovely creatures of the woods and the illusions they create.

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