Monday, May 2, 2011

Back to Blokes, but this time -- Bricks not Blocks!

If you recall, (or if you don't you can check out some of the very first blogs--BLOCKS BLOKES AND BOULDERS) the first efforts to create Toad House was to deal with the rubble foundation. After about 8 months we are now on the outside finishing. Ken and his helper (both shy fellows) were cleaning the brick this morning when I stopped by to plant a few more flowers. We are thrilled with their work and think we will see more of them this summer for some help with the garage and the patio. 
 Here you can see Ken's attention to detail on the north side of Toad House. The back door from the kitchen is visible behind Ken. I hope to have some video of the grading work that will be done by Ken's dad when the weather warms up and the soil is dryer. 

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