Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another bloke on the block and the bulbs are in.

Hurray! Hoorah!

The first of the wood plates on top of the block are going in as I write this. Jim Kurz, long time family friend is help the Master Toad with the work.

By the time a photo of the work could be taken, the blokes were unloading boards from the garage.  Much of the material that was taken from the building is being recycled.

The photo to the right shows Jim laying out the decking. This is the beginning of the rebuilding of the porch. These are the same floorboards that Tony removed a few months ago.

Madam Toad has also planted tulips, crocus, hyacinth, and iris. The carnations found in the grass on the hillside have been replanted to bloom in the spring. If the weather is above freezing Madam Toad will put in some red sedum from Ruth Meszaros.

But don't tell anyone. The coffee shop crowd thinks she is planting rocks. The wonder what kind of fertilizer is used to grow rocks.  She says, "Ask the toads."


  1. Sorry that I haven't gotten very far with a Bufo event in Park Falls. I was VERY involved with the election campaigns, and have been VERY let down since! I'll get on it...

  2. P.S. This website looks great! I look forward to following its progress...