Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Second Edition is here!

The hardcover, first printing of The Legacy has sold out and with requests from book clubs, Toad House Publishing is proud to announce the second printing-a soft cover edition that includes a series of thought provoking questions for book clubs. The Legacy is currently only available at Toad House for 14.95 and makes a great Christmas gift-a good read for older teens and adults.

The cover was designed from a photo by the late Gary Hoagland formerly of Exeland and Minneapolis.  Artwork by additional local artists help divide the text of the book into sections, much as chapter sections. The author picture was provided by longtime friend and colleague, Peter Olson.

The work is a collaboration between my husband, Tony, (of boundless imagination) and me. I provide the characters that weave together elements of his imagination. We give you The Legacy, A Source of Hope for the 22nd Century.

Preface to the first edition

One must consider the past to understand the present and positively impact the future. AJZ

Writers draw upon their own history and family stories when they create tales of fiction or fact. I live upon the land that was farmed by my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. My own children were raised on this land. The stories in The Legacy of Bess, Edward, Elly, James, and Callie are fictional, but they arise from the stories I heard as a child.
Leaders in my community, state, nation, and the world face decisions regarding the protection or degradation of natural resources. Global warming and the related climate disturbances, the dependence on oil, and the shortage of clean water are some of the problems of today’s world. How our leaders handle these problems not only affect the quality of our lives today, but the quality of life generations from now.
I give you this story, a combination of fact and fiction, to consider how today’s choices may affect tomorrow. I hope our leaders have the wisdom to make good choices.
In the early 1920’s Bess and Josh Bordeau moved their young family by horse and wagon from Haugen, WI to the confluence of the Chippewa and Flambeau Rivers. They were lured by the promise of rich farmland and pure water.  But the well went dry and the family dug a new well in the location witched by Lemon Extract Paul and sanctioned by Bess. 
Thus begins the history of the land and the people, placed in a time capsule by Callie that would be opened in the future by Matt and Amy, two lonely graduate students of the 22nd century. The Legacy spans three centuries of a family’s history and their relationship to the cherished water from a hand-dug well. 
This fictional work follows our world’s trajectory regarding overpopulation and the scarcity of clean water and suggests this takes place under the ever present and watchful eyes of those in power.  ELZ

Disclaimer: All facts and figures in this novel have been thoroughly researched and corroborated by the author and editing team. However, it is left up to the reader to determine the factuality beyond an unreasonable doubt, as suits their belief.  AJZ

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