Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scaring the Crows!

There is quite a parade going on at the top of the bridge in Ladysmith. It is a scarecrow parade, comprised of curiously interesting fellows. There is still a little time left to vote for your favorites!
Here are some of their stories:

VP Ice Cream Lady
Village Ice Cream Parlor & Gift Shop
I was born in 2002 after the tornado just so you could enjoy treats on my deck overlooking the beautiful Flambeau river. Stop in May – October, 121 E. Lake Ave.

Miss Pig E. Banks
Ladysmith Federal           
She took off in her private jet from Hollywood via flying into the Rusk County Airport! Miss Pig E. loves it here so much that she’s decided to stay. She’s saving her pennies at Ladysmith Federal in preparation for the big move.

Curiosity Curt           
The Curiosity Shop
I was walking on Miner Avenue and found a store named after me! Sometimes it’s good to be curious because now I’m in a park instead of in a garden.

Elmer & Elda “Picnic Invasion”
Ladysmith Care Community           
Two Gourde Scare Crows are on a picnic. They are caught off guard by two bears wanting to eat their picnic basket. They then realize that the are food as well!!

Bogey the Golfing Chef
Tee Away Golf and Supper Club

Bogey isn’t very good at golfing-as you can see by his name! But he sure can make a mean Pot Roast!

Ed Venture Waites
Kids and Mentors Outdoors
Eddie watches the outdoor channel on T.V. constantly. Maybe, just maybe some day he’ll learn how to catch that trophy fish. He’s off today with “Mr. Fisher.”

Wall I. Fisher
Kids and Mentors Outdoors
Wall I. Fisher is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman. When he was young, a neighbor helped him catch his first fish. He wants to “pass it on” so he’s become a KAMO mentor.

Mark the Milk Man
Buchholz Feed Store
When Mark’s done
 milking, you can find him at Buchholz Feed Store, and Old Bessie will be munching on some grain that Mark mixes up!!

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