Monday, August 19, 2013

Peace on a Sunday afternoon

With the north patio nearing completion AND the Pizza Oven with the base of support in place AND the addition of some lovely patio furniture and umbrellas, it was time to celebrate friendship and reaffirm the mission of Toad House.

The Peace Circle is a small group of friends who meet monthly for a short time of silent reflection and discussion. Recently they have met at Toad House.  The gathering on August 18th included a time to create and the creations are now curing, waiting for September 22nd for the next Peace Circle when we will walk the grounds of Toad House with the Peace Stones that have been created and when a particular location speaks to an individual, they will place the stone.  The Peace Circle created more than one stone, so please join us on the 22nd and add to the peacefulness and beauty of Toad House.

Here are a few photos of our process from Mary Heinz. Thanks Mary! (and an especially loving thanks to Toad!)

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