Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trick or Treat???

Those toads, they are at it again with all their foolishness and love of a good time.  On Halloween, with weather permitting, they will have a S'mores and Witches Brew treat from 5:30 to 6:30 on the front lawn of Toad House.

They will not only treat you, but have some fun with their own trickery. The toads, friendly with Mother Hubbard,  have grown some very big, warty squash. There are about 20 of these big fellows– too many for the toads to store and eat this winter.  (They hibernate in the winter and don't need as much food.) So they need you to help consume the bounty.

The trick is to cut these big bruisers open. To provide you with some ideas on how toads open up squash, please follow along from 1 to 10 or use your own ingenuity!

1. The Trick
2. Put squash on sidewalk.

3. Lift it as high as you can
.......and drop it.

4. Pick up any big piece 
and drop them again.

5. Take it inside your house 
and scoop out the seeds.

6. Salt it if you wish.

7. Repeat steps 6 and 7 
until there are no more squash
outside on your sidewalk.

8. Fill your oven. 
It won't take many pieces!

9. Put the rest in the fridge 
covered with plastic wrap.

10. The TREAT! 
Eat a chunk as is or add your choice of toppings: butter, brown sugar, pecans, grated  cheddar.
Find a good pumpkin pie recipe and substitute the baked and mashed squash. Make pumpkin cookies, make squash or pumpkin soup. 

But freeze the rest when you start to turn yellow.

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