Sunday, August 5, 2012

Toadally Artsy Kids' Event

This past Saturday marked the first of the Saturday morning art classes/events for children at Toad House.  Under the guidance of artist Andrea Korpinen, children collected materials from the Toad House Enchanted Woods and Grandma Toad's Flower Garden to arrange into mosaic art to take home and hang in their window. Twelve children with parents enjoyed exploring their own creativity. Many children made additional pieces to give to the Toad House and these pieces are currently hanging in the windows of the Stevenson Art Museum.

There were so many special moments of families enjoying creative time with their children. Here are a few that Mme. Toad would like to share.

The first step was to collect natural materials.
It was great to see what the children's keen eyes found.
Leaves, petals, twigs and seeds!
And with mom's help.....
or the support of a mentor.....
Voila! Window Art!


Entire families came together in the spirit of creativity and fun.
In fact, some came from Alaska!
Not everything found the children found were natural materials. Einer found a small plastic figure in the Enchanted Woods.

When it was suggested to him that it may have been lost by a troll who litters the woods, he placed it next to a small white plastic horse (also left by the troll we think) where the troll might find it.

His question stumped Mme. Toad and his Aunt Michelle,
"How do those trolls make money to buy things?"

It is question that we will have to pose to Bufo when we see him next.

We hope to see you next Saturday for more Toadally Artsy Kids' Events!

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